32red.com (“32Red”) is operated by 32Red Ltd that is licensed by the Government of Gibraltar and regulated by the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner in accordance with the Gambling Act 2005, whilst for customers accessing 32Red from Great Britain, the service is licensed and regulated by the Great British Gambling Commission.

All online products operated by 32Red are supplied by companies that are licensed by the Gambling Commission and hold approved status from the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner. This includes all products within the 32Red website, 32Red Downloadable client, and 32Red mobile WAP version and mobile app.

Bingo and Games outcomes for 32Red are generated by supplier Random Number Generators (“RNGs”). In line with applicable regulations, all our supplier RNGs have gone through and passed external compliance testing. The testing was performed against a standard recognised by highly regulated remote gambling jurisdictions around the world including Gibraltar. The test includes a review of the RNG source code, RNG design as well as data analysis. The series of tests have confirmed that the RNG distributes numbers with sufficient non-predictability, fair distribution and lack of bias to particular outcomes.

Similar to the RNG, all Casino and Sportsbook products operated by 32Red have also undergone comprehensive testing prior to being launched; this includes External Compliance Testing and subsequently Internal Testing conducted by our in-house Product Compliance team. The External Compliance Testing is performed by an approved testing house which verifies elements such as Functionality, Display, Transaction, Rules and Mathematics (i.e. Return to Player (“RTP”) calculation) etc. to ensure the overall product is compliant to applicable regulatory requirements. Subsequently, we performed Internal Testing that includes Integration Testing and User Acceptance Testing. This ensures the game, once integrated into our gaming platform, performs as it was expected in terms of user experience.

The Theoretical Return to Player (RTP) value is a theoretical calculation of the average / expected percentage return of the total money bet over a large number of game plays (e.g. hundreds of million games). While you can win a big amount or lose your bet in any single game play, the average return of a specific game played over a long period of time will approach the Theoretical RTP value. This theoretical value is calculated either via analytical methods (which often is possible for non-strategy dependent games such as slots), or via computer simulations of those more complex or strategy dependent game (e.g. blackjack, poker etc.).

For more information about the fairness of specific games, please visit the information section of the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I be sure that your games are fair and random?

32Red is a well-established, trusted and leading brand with a strong customer focus. We are licensed and regulated in Gibraltar, home to the world's leading online gambling operators and a world leader in remote gambling regulation. We are wholly committed to providing verifiably fair gambling.

All our games meet the strict regulatory standards set by our regulator, the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner, including the requirement to have all our games rigorously tested and certified as fair and random by an independent test house before we can make these games available to play.

For more information about our regulatory requirements, including a full list of independent test laboratories that have met the highest standards required by the Minister for Gambling in Gibraltar for approved status, please see: https://www.gibraltar.gov.gi/finance-gaming-and-regulations/remote-gambling. What is a ‘Random Number Generator' (‘RNG'), and what is the relevance of this to the games you offer on your site?

A ‘Random Number Generator', or ‘RNG', is software that generates a sequence of numbers or symbols that lack any pattern over an extended number (millions) of plays. It is the component of the games that produces the random outcomes of our games. How can I be sure that the ‘RNG' is indeed random and fair? The ‘RNG' provided by our software suppliers has been rigorously tested and certified as random and fair by ‘eCOGRA, whilst the Bingo RNG has been equally rigorously tested and certified as random and fair by ‘eCOGRA, both entities being independent test houses that have met the highest standards required by the Minister for Gambling in Gibraltar for approved status.

What does ‘Return to Player' (‘RTP') mean?

Each game has a ‘Theoretical RTP' value, and an ‘Actual RTP' value. The ‘Theoretical RTP' is the expected return of the total money bet over an extended number (millions) of plays on the game and expressed as a percentage. Therefore, games with a theoretical RTP value of 98% indicates that 98% of the total money bet on the game is returned to players.

The ‘Actual RTP' is determined by way of periodic analysis of the game outcomes, also expressed as a percentage, to ensure that this remains close to the ‘Theoretical RTP' and an indicator that the game continues to function properly, randomly and fairly. Analysis to ensure that the ‘Actual RTP's' of the games remain close to the ‘Theoretical RTPs' of games are carried out quarterly.

The RTP for the game is not true, I have not received the percentage return that is published for the game.

RTP is a measure of all the play of all the players of the game pooled together. It is not the play or return to any one player. Some people will win and have an RTP in excess of 100%, some will lose and have an RTP of less than 100%. A player who wins £500 from £10 play has an RTP of 5000%. Players must recognise that if some winners have an RTP of 5000%, many other players are likely to have an RTP lower than the advertised average.

How can I access details of the games I have played?

You are able to access your Game History in the ‘My Account' section on the homepage. This will allow you to look for your Gaming History and their results. You are able to search using a pre-set time period or specific date.

How can I be sure that ‘live gaming' is fair?

'Live gaming' takes place in strictly controlled studios, is fully recorded and monitored and is subject to statistical performance checking in the same way that software ‘RNG' gaming is checked. Live dealers can make mistakes in their handling of cards, spinning a wheel, etc., but these errors should be immediately apparent to all the players and the supervisor and can be checked.

For any issues customers should contact the Live Casino ‘Pit Boss' using the chat function on Live games, or Customer Services by Live Chat, email or telephone and can report any issues they feel have not been resolved. Customers should make a note of the game ID to ensure that Customer Services can respond quickly and efficiently.


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